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Burning Eyes Are a Sign of a Problem

This probably won’t surprise you to hear, but if you emerge from your swimming pool with red, itchy, burning eyes… There is probably a problem with your pool water.

Many people simply assume that this discomfort is just a part of swimming in chlorinated water. But actually, when the chemicals in your pool are balanced properly, your eyes should not react this way. So let’s take a look at what’s going on, so that you can enjoy fun times in your pool without suffering uncomfortable problems afterward.

When most people suffer burning crimson eyes after swimming, the most common assumption is that the chlorine content in the pool is too high. In reality, the opposite problem is often the culprit! When a free chlorine molecule combines with a nitrogen or ammonia molecule, together they form a compound called chloramine. This compound produces a strong smell (often described as a “chlorine smell”), and it can irritate skin and eyes. Chloramine can also inhibit chlorine’s ability to do its job properly.

In order to break apart these compounds, super chlorinating the pool can be effective. Often we must raise the chlorine concentration in the pool considerably, to oxidize these compounds and break apart their bonds.

The pool’s pH can present another problem. Our ideal range for chlorinated swimming pools is 7.2 to 7.6. But when the pH drops too low (and becomes too acidic) or goes too high (and becomes too alkaline), the human body can react badly. Once again you might experience itchy skin, or red, burning eyes.

Swimming in your pool should never be unpleasant, or cause discomfort. So if you’re emerging from the water feeling like your eyes have been blasted with “chemicals”, something is not right! Give us a call and we will test your pool’s chemical balances and pH level. After diagnosing the problem properly, we can adjust your water and return your pool to the relaxing backyard oasis it should be.


How to Choose a Pool Cleaning Service

Choosing a pool cleaning service is more important than many people initially realize. Since this service will protect your pool – and your investment in your home overall – you definitely want to ensure that the job is done right. So as you narrow your search for an experienced professional, keep these tips in mind.

Ask for references. “Word of mouth” is the old, tried-and-true method still used by many people. Simply ask your friends or neighbors about their pool cleaning service, and whether they feel happy with their company. If you don’t know many people with pools, you can ask potential service providers to provide references from their clients.

Research online. Today, the internet provides us a convenient method of gathering referrals. Check a prospective company’s website, and read their customer testimonials. While you’re at it, look to see if the company has accumulated Google reviews, or ratings on other websites such as Yelp. See if you can discover how long the company has been in business.

Check credentials. Either by viewing their website, or during conversation, ask your potential pool cleaning service about their licensing and certifications. You want to be sure they are licensed by the state, properly insured, and their technicians are certified by the National Spa and Pool Institute.

Narrow your options. Once you’ve identified a few candidates for the job, ask each company about their service packages. These can differ from one company to the next, and you want to select a service plan that matches your needs.

Ask about pricing. As most people do, you will probably give considerable weight to pricing when making your final decision. Obtaining price quotes from several different companies will give you a better understanding of what is standard in your area. Of course, as with any service, cheaper is not always better.

If you have questions about our pool cleaning service, our pricing, or our company in general, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and share our knowledge and experience with you.