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Should You Allow Your Dog to Swim in the Pool?

Your swimming pool is a source of entertainment and fun for the whole family… and you definitely consider your dog to be family! But should you allow Fido to hop on into the family swimming pool? Ultimately, that’s up to you, but we’ll break down some of the potential risk factors so that you can make an informed decision.

How could your dog affect your pool? First, let’s discuss the effects of allowing your dog to swim in the pool. Yes, the presence of pets can definitely add more dirt, fur, and (sorry to disillusion you) fecal matter to your pool water. And of course, anything in the pool water also ends up in the pool filter. You might find that your filter needs to be cleaned more often when Ralph is a frequent participant in your pool parties.

Dirtier water might also translate into increased need for chemicals to keep that water clean and balanced. And for those of you with above-ground pools, sharp nails can damage pool liners.

How could your pool affect your dog? Since swimming is a low-impact exercise, it could be a great way to help your pet maintain their weight and keep their joints healthy. This is, of course, assuming that they enjoy swimming. You never want to stress a pet by forcing him or her to swim, if they’re fearful of the water.

As with people, some dogs might experience dry skin or irritated eyes due to chemicals in the water. These reactions can be highly individual, so just watch for them if you decide to allow your dog in the pool. Another risk is ear infections due to trapped moisture within the ears. Watch for excessive scratching at the ears, and other signs of discomfort, after swim sessions.

Finally, in some dogs the pool chemicals can cause gastrointestinal distress like vomiting and diarrhea. Or, if your pool water is not balanced correctly, viruses and bacteria can propagate and cause a health risk (as in humans).

How your dog’s swimming could affect you… There is a third factor to evaluate here. Yes, dogs can carry diseases that are transmittable to humans, and yes, these could theoretically be transmitted through shared water. Assuming your pool chemicals are correctly balanced, viruses and bacteria should be killed quickly when entering the water. So if you do decide to share your pool with your pet, just remember to properly maintain your pool water to prevent infections from spreading.

The final verdict is up to you. Many dog owners enjoy swimming with their pets, with neither dog, nor human, nor the pool suffering any ill effects. But the situation does require a bit of extra care and vigilance, with regard to both pet and pool care. So if you decide to invite Fluffy to join you, just keep the above facts in mind.

How to Get in Touch with a Busy Pool Service

You might assume that arranging for a pool service would be as easy as picking up the phone and having a five-minute conversation. In reality, we hear that many potential customers have called one service after another, left messages, and experienced difficulty getting their services scheduled. What’s the deal?

Well, a few different factors are at play here. In the spring and summer, pool services do become exceptionally busy. And since it’s a physical, on-location job, this is probably the reason your calls go straight to voice mail. We might be right in the middle of a consultation with customers (and you will receive the same level of courtesy when we’re working with you).

Another reason for the delay might be the type of work needed, versus the type of work a particular pool professional performs. Keep in mind that swimming pools are expensive, fairly specialized home features, and different pool professionals perform different types of services. It’s a bit like a sports car in that respect; every mechanic out there cannot service every expensive, foreign sports car. If the pool professional can’t perform the service you request in your message, he or she might simply forget to call you back (due to being so busy). It’s nothing personal.

Having said that, we understand that making call after call, and leaving message after message, can be quite frustrating. We endeavor to return calls in a timely manner, but you can help us out by structuring your messages this way:

  • Give your name, location, and phone number
  • State the type of pool you have (or are looking to install)
  • Briefly describe the services you need, and the timeline you have in mind
  • Repeat your name and phone number

Keep in mind that during the busy season, we will probably prioritize urgent messages, and projects with close deadlines (“next week” as opposed to “sometime this fall”). We will make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner, but sometimes we simply aren’t able to call back when the described need is not on our menu of services.

Give us a call if you have questions about swimming pool maintenance or repairs, or if you need to install new equipment. Thanks for following our blog, and we hope to hear from you soon.