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3 Options When Resurfacing Your Pool

After some time, you pool surface may need repairs. This might also provide the chance to evaluate your aesthetic preferences, and to choose a new look for your pool. Changing your pool surface can indeed spiff up the look of your pool and even your whole back yard, so take the time to become familiar with your three primary choices.

Plaster. This is the most common pool surface, and often one of the most affordable. The smooth, white surface makes your water look an appealing bright blue. Plaster works great for those of you who prefer a classic look to your pool, and for those who have children.

So, what’s the downside of plaster? Since the material is porous, it will require a bit more care to prevent stains and damage. Plaster lasts about five to ten years before it needs to be repaired or replaced, assuming you provide consistently good care.

Pebble. To create a pebble pool surface, we use a special mix of cement that contains a mix of very small pebbles. Since the pebbles are available in a range of hues, this pool surface can be customized to match your patio. Pool owners who value a more natural aesthetic often choose a pebble pool surface.

Is there a catch? Pebble surfaces are indeed a bit more expensive; however, this type of pool surface is less reactive to pool chemicals. That means it is generally more stain resistant and won’t damage as easily. In exchange for a larger investment upfront, a well maintained pebble pool surface can last fifteen to twenty years.

Also, because the pebbles might feel just a bit rough to young feet, this might not be the ideal surface if you have small children. But, that’s up to you. Some young families are quite happy with their choice!

Quartz. A quartz pool surface is composed of a polymer-modified cement with quartz aggregate mixed in. Some color variety is available, and the hard, smooth surface is quite durable and stain resistant. You can expect a quartz pool surface to last about seven to ten years, and it is considered a comparatively”low maintenance” option.

Keep in mind that small chips and some stains can be remedied. But if your pool surface has sustained considerable damage, or you’re simply ready for a new look, we can certainly guide you toward a new one that matches your maintenance and style preferences.

Does Your Pool Need to be Resurfaced?

Have you noticed anything “off” about your pool lately? Maybe it doesn’t look as inviting as it once did, or you’ve noticed problems with the water level. You might be concerned about its appearance from a purely aesthetic point of view, or you might be worried that the appearance of your pool detracts from the value of your home. Whatever your concern may be, pool resurfacing could be the answer, if you’ve noticed any of these signs…

The water level drops for no apparent reason. Cracks in the pool surface are not always visible, especially when the pool is full of water. But of course, water will leak from even the smallest of cracks. If your water level keeps dropping for no apparent reason, pool resurfacing might be the solution.

Tiles are coming loose. If you have tiles within your pool, you might notice that they start to pop off or break. This is a sign that the tile grout is corroded, and the pool’s surface is often part of the problem.

You notice stubborn stains. Stains can be caused by a variety of factors, such as an imbalance in your pool chemicals, metals in your water, algae, or debris that isn’t cleaned away promptly. Over time these stains become unappealing, and pool resurfacing is the answer.

You can see or feel erosion marks. Over time, the movement of water over the pool’s surface will cause erosion marks. This is just an inevitable part of nature. An improper chemical balance can speed up this process, which is why correctly maintaining your pool is so important. You might even feel scuff marks with your feet, and they will become more uncomfortable over time. Once erosion occurs, resurfacing the pool is the only way to correct the look and feel of its surface.

If you suspect pool resurfacing is needed in your case, give us a call. We can check out the situation, and make a recommendation. And once your new surface is installed, we can help with proper maintenance so that the surface lasts as long as possible.