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Equipment / Features

What kind of equipment is needed for your swimming pool? Here at Pinnacle Pools, Inc. we will assess your situation and make recommendations about the types of equipment that should be installed.

Here are some of the popular options that our customers enjoy:
Pumps: Also known as the heart of the circulation system of the swimming pool, the pump sucks water from the pool, pushes it through a filter, and then returns the water back into the pool again.

Heaters: If you want to enjoy the pool throughout the year, consider installing heaters to make the water comfortable in the cooler months. You can adjust the temperature as needed depending on the season.

Filters: The filtration system is essential to keep your water clean and sanitary. Filters remove unwanted particles, leaves, bugs, and more.
Salt Systems: Maintain the quality of your swimming pool water using a salt system. Also known as a salt chlorinator, this system creates chlorination for the pool by using sodium chloride (salt). It is necessary to manage the salt concentration in the water before the salt system can operate.

Electrical Features: The wiring in your pool manages the filters, pumps, lighting, and more. A high-quality electrical system will protect your family from an electrical accident and ensure that all of the equipment is working properly.
Self-Cleaning and Chlorinating Systems: One reason that some homeowners are hesitant about the installation of a swimming pool is that of the maintenance and upkeep. If you want the benefits of a pool without putting in a lot of work, consider using a self-cleaning or chlorinating system.

Wireless Control Panels: How would you like to control the pool and spa settings from one easy location? A wireless control panel gives you digital access to manage the temperature, lighting, and features of your swimming area.

Automated Low-Level Lighting: In-ground swimming pool lighting will set the right mood in the evening hours. The low voltage and automated features make it easy to control the lights in the pool.

Timer Clocks: Do you always forget to turn off the spa when you are done? Install timer clocks to automatically shut off the system after a certain period.

Multi-Colored Pool and Spa Lights: Mood lighting will create the elegant environment that you want in your back yard. Choose the right lights to illuminate your pool with the touch of a button.

Energy Efficient Filtration Equipment: Protect the environment and maintain your swimming pool at the same time. Energy efficient heaters, pumps, filters and salt chlorinators use state of the art technology to reduce energy usage.

Here at Pinnacle Pools, Inc. we can help with all of your equipment needs. Contact us today to learn more about the equipment installation and repair services that are available.


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