How Rain Affects Your Pool Water

We tend to welcome the occasional rain shower, since it’s good for local crops and helps to prevent another dangerous drought. But rain is not so welcome in your pool. Although it seems like it would be harmless, rain water can actually mess up your pool chemistry and introduce some unsanitary elements. It’s a good idea to learn how rain will affect your pool, and what adjustments you should make to your pool maintenance schedule.

Does the amount of rain matter? Actually, no. Even a small rain shower can introduce algae and debris into your pool. Algae spores and debris are always present in the air anyway, but rain helps to deliver those unwanted particles straight into your pool. Once the algae is introduced, it can begin to reproduce quickly and create an unsightly mess before long. This is especially true during summer, when the warm weather encourages fast growth. Algae in your pool will also disrupt your chlorine levels, and of course that’s a whole other level of trouble!

How do you kill algae? A commercially available algicide will usually do the trick, but some pool owners are hesitant about using another chemical in their pool. So they attempt to use a lower level of it, thinking, “it’s just a few spores, so this will probably work”. The thing is, algae reproduces very quickly. So you need to be killing it faster than it grows, or else you’re fighting a losing battle. Make sure to follow the application directions precisely, to keep the algicide at a high enough concentration in the water.

What about the pool water chemistry? Debris that is deposited by rain can also trigger an imbalance in your water’s chemistry. Any time it rains – even a brief shower – test your water and adjust the chemicals accordingly. If you keep your pool at the optimal pH level in between rain showers, it can also help to prevent this problem.

Anything else? Secure all items around your pool, in the event winds are expected. This can prevent damage to your pool furniture and other items, and will prevent them from introducing further debris into the pool.

If you need help with any of these pool maintenance chores, give us a call. We can keep your pool clean and healthy for you, so that you won’t have to worry about random weather events disrupting your schedule.



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